Doors Automatic

Doors Automatic: –
Hitachi brand
One of the finest brands in the world
And is characterized by the following: –
1- of pure 304 stainless steel (thickness 1.5 mm) and not a layer of tin coated stainless steel like the rest of the doors.
2 – Competitive price for the rest of the world similar brands.
3 – Running multiple vvvf speeds, which allows the user comfort and pleasure to use.
4 – To provide all spare parts prone to damage and depreciation and after-sales maintenance

Automatic Semi

Doors automatic semi (SAS) Made in Turkey
And is characterized by price cheapness for their counterparts from the Turkish Doors, quality and trust the customers and the multiplicity of forms distinctive.

Folding Doors

folding Doors (Hitachi)
-it is practically assembled
– it runs with 220 v ac and line voltage.
– it is adjustable multi-directionally.
– it is can be controlled and calibrated electronically.
– it has squeezing control
– it has accumulator and photocell outlets.
-it runs with 24 v DC motor .
– it allows mechanical opening

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