Global brand exported to all countries of the world ores Turkish German industry to compete for the quality of raw materials and manufacturing quality and savings without a competitor who makes the first in Egypt and the world.
And we are the exclusive distributor in the Middle center and our company is characterized by providing after-sales service and ensure full on the machine for two years against manufacturing defects and this ensures that the client’s comfort and confidence .
The relay is Ltinaya the highest level of technology with a whole crew of engineers who specialize in the field of manufacturing machinery and has a vast experience which gives them avoid any defects are caused by manufacturing with experience and follow-up phases and these phases of the machine adds priority in the Turkish market and manufacturing confidence and safety for customers

Machine Hi-sung

Made in Korea
It is of the highest international specifications machinery compared to the machine, a German Thyssen customized to the hard work and high capacity and high altitudes, and also features a large-sized Gear Box on the conical shape is characterized by the beauty of the design and strength as the specifications are different from the rest of the machinery.


Converts electrical energy into hydraulic energy hydraulic piston. Send oil under pressure to the cylinder and moves the lift.

In the upward movement of the lift unit of the pump by pressure oil from the tank to the cylinder as a result of pushing the cabin which is connected directly or indirectly to the cylinder in an upward direction moving. If the pump does not run down the movement of the elevator cab and the load on the cylinder pushes oil back into the tank. Cabin without electricity so spent would have acted in a downward direction. Movement start times in either direction until the lift oil to control the speed of the cabin so that the presser unit, the valve on the group. The pump unit without needing to be close to the elevator shaft in the building can be installed in any

Machine Sicor

Sicor S.P.A

Sicor machines meet the requirements of the following standards:
EN ISO 12100/1/2
EN 81-1: 2008
EN81-80: 2004
The standard motors used are of Italian production, protection class F , insulation Class IP21 , forced ventilation 180 St/h and 240 St/h high efficiency CDF 60%.
Standardized machine frames with/without deflection pulley, with vibration dampers is available.
Gearboxes can be supplied equipped with Encoder, Tachometer, standard safety protections and safety slow shaft brake.
Each gearbox is complete with the “Operation and Maintenance Manual”. The “Certificate of Conformity” is supplied on demand.
The high quality of both the gearboxes projects criteria and the material used guarantee the long life of Sicor hoisting machines
Working process with CNC flexible machinery system. The components are tested with Zeiss three-dimensional testing machines
Cast iron EN-GJS-700-2-UNI EN 1563 with hardness over 250HB is used for traction sheaves.
Twin-Brakes with mechanically independent action


Oil tank
screw pump
Electric engine
valve group
pulsation cover 25/150 1/min
pulsation cover 180/600 1/min

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