Passenger cabins

Hitachi Group offer elevator for persons depend on the principle of comfort and safety in their designs with full flexibility in dealing with the decor caters for all tastes . and different uses Hotels, Restaurants, residential buildings, commercial offices.

Panorama cabins

Hitachi Group introduce panoramic elevators with distinct forms for hotels and commercial centers.

Hospitals and merchandise Cabins

Hitachi Group mainly interested in hospitals elevators for the importance sustainability of their work and provide elevators with high efficiency while providing a special control system operates. Hitachi Group work to provide smooth movement and convenience for the users of the patients and staff.

Food Cabins

Hitachi Group Elevators introduce food elevators, which is characterized by small size of cabin that made of stainless steel completely and used the elevators to transport food and food equipment between kitchen and the other floors in commercial buildings such as restaurants, hotels and hospitals.

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